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How much is a subscription box?

Each box is £16.99 You can sign up for a one off, 3 month or recurring box - taking the hassle out of remembering to re order. (For recurring -you can cancel at any time after 4 months by emailing

Who are the boxes suitable for?

The boxes are designed for 5-11 year old's - Reception/KS1, Year 3/4 and Year 5/6. Boxes are suitable for both Boys and Girls. 

What different boxes are available?

Individual Subscription - Know a bookworm who would love to receive a book box each month? Give the gift of reading and sign up an individual child to receive a monthly box of reading treats.

Pupil Premium Subscription - Schools can sign up Pupil Premium Children who they feel would engage and benefit from access to regular high quality texts- delivered to their door- to treasure and keep. By receiving the box every month they are able to build up their own collection of books at home. You can sign up all your Pupil Premium Children or just the ones you think it would benefit the most - those who already love reading or those you know don't have access to books and by using our service would really engage them to foster a genuine love of reading.

What is included in the box?

Books - high quality texts that has been specifically chosen for these boxes by us. 

Magazines/Puzzle Books - engaging and beautifully illustrated, which includes stories and other reading based items as well as brain teasers to challenge and engage. 

Stationery/craft items - this will be interchangeable but will include bookmarks, postcards and other items linked to the theme of the book................ as well as other stationery and craft supplies

Resources - Different activities linked to the book - word searches, questions, colouring pages, creative templates...... and much more.

Postage and Packaging - is included in the cost too. Remember the idea is to re use the box in some way as well and get creative.

When will I receive my box?

All boxes will be sent out 1-2 days after they are ordered through the website. Subscription boxes (3 month or recurring) will be sent out monthly on or around the day you placed your first order. 

What happens if my child changes year groups whilst in their subscription? 

Each September the children who are subscribed will automatically move up into the appropriate age category. For example if you child is in Year 4 when their subscription starts and it runs across into a new academic year, they will be moved up to the Year 5/6 box in the September. 

My child loves reading but is not a strong reader. The book they have received is too hard for them to access. 

Share the book together! Take time to share and enjoy the book with your child. Not only will they gain confidence in reading an age appropriate book but they will look forward to spending quality time together and escaping the world with someone else. They are then still able to use all the other things in the box and still enjoy them. 

We are a school looking at purchasing boxes for multiple Pupil Premium children- how do we set up an order for several different children?

Simply fill out the form on our Pupil Premium page. We will send you a spreadsheet to fill out with Pupil details and payment is taken by invoice.

Some of our Pupil Premium children are significantly behind in terms of their reading age and could not access their Year Group book. Is there another option?

When you order your subscription you need to tell us the child's reading age - we will then ensure the book in the box is appropriate - by providing either the younger year group text OR we also have a selection of reading age appropriate but high interest books to support struggling readers.

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